Update: 02.13.2009


^ Spot's Shaved Belly ^

Sorry it took a few days but here's the scoop on Spot's injection:

We stopped Spot's pills a week before her injection as instructed by the vet. Then, last Friday we got up at 8 AM, fed Spot, put her in her carrier and started on our hour and a half drive to Miami. (Traffic down here is AWFUL!)

We got to the vet's early and filled out the paper work. The office was really nice and had lots of neat animal artwork. We recognized Dr. Mears immediately from his picture on the internet.

In the waiting room we met one other cat who was getting an injection. His name was Tuxedo. =]

Finally it was our turn. We went back to the exam room where the vet tech and Dr. Mears looked over Spot. Then they took her back for an EKG and ultrasound to make sure she was healthy enough for the injection and sent us on our way.

Later that day we got a call saying they had shaved her stomach for the ultrasound and a spot on her back for the injection and that they had given her the shot.

The vet tech called us several times over the next few days to give us updates. He said Spot was tired and not eating that much but that was to be expected. Sunday night he called and said she was doing better and would be ready to come home Monday afternoon.

We picked her up Monday and were given special instructions for her care over the next two weeks.

We had to wash our hands after touching her and avoid prolonged petting and cuddling. She wasn't supposed to sleep with us and we had to use litter box liners and gloves to clean up after her. We had to change her litter everyday and dispose of it down the toilet as it would be radioactive.

But all in all, Spot was just happy to be home. The little changes didn't seem to bother her. Well, we have about a week and a half more to go then we should be back to normal.

In a few weeks, Spot is going to see her old vet, Doctor Shank, and get her thyroid levels checked again. They should be really low at first and then eventually go back to normal. We'll keep you updated!

Update: 02.06.2009


Spot's owner here: Spot is at the vet RIGHT NOW getting ready for her shot!!! They are doing an ultrasound and EKG to make sure she is healthy enough for the injection and then they will give us a call when they are good to go. She has a slight heart murmur that they are checking on but it shouldn't be a problem. I'm working tonight but I'll update as soon as I can.

waiting room

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Story So Far

In the summer of 2008, our cat, Spot, started losing an alarming amount of weight. We tried over-the-counter dewormers but they didn't help. Worried and completely broke, we started calling around for help- the humane society, veterinary offices, non-profit agencies, but nobody could offer us any assistance. We finally scraped together $75 USD and brought Spot in to see the old family vet.

A week later, she was diagnosed with feline hyperthyroidism. She was 6 years old, weighed 4 and a half pounds, and had a T4 level of 16 (normal is under 4)!

Treatment was either pills (5mg methimazole twice a day), surgery (highly invasive and very expensive), or radioactive iodine treatment which is reputably the best treatment available.

Since she was only 6 years old, medication for the rest of her life would be extremely expensive and troublesome. She doesn't like taking pills and whenever we'd go out of town, we'd have to train someone else to pill her.

We read up on radioiodine treatments and decided it was the best option for us. The only downfall was the cost: a staggering $1200 USD!

A couple of friends offered to help us out and donate some cash and suggested a website to help raise awareness of feline hyperthyroidism and our cause. So, here we are today. Since putting up our site, we have found hundreds of friends and supporters and have raised at the time of this writing almost $800 USD.

Thank you everyone for your love and support!!!


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